Sky of the Heart


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Celebrating the release of Girish's new World Music album - Sky of the Heart- featuring original songs, stellar musicians and your favorite voices in Kirtan!

With more English lyrics than his previous releases, and just as much musical diversity, the theme of this new album is that whatever spiritual/cultural/musical tradition we follow, we all come from the same source, we're all connected, we're all one. 

Featuring the amazingly talented Donna De Lory, C.C. White, Tina Malia, Carl R. Young (Spearhead), Dave Schul (Spearhead), Jeremy Ruzumna (Fritz & the Tantrums), Benjy Wertheimer, Hans Christian, Herb Graham, Jr, the New Orleans Horns, Ian Walker, Jon Gilutin, James Harrah, and Irene Solea.

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