As a member of Girish’s Street Team, you will help promote chanting, kirtan, and Girish's concerts at the grassroots level and work on projects designed to fit your schedule and lifestyle. Addicted to the Internet? You’ll be the first to know about Girish’s new online only videos and music! Always running errands? We’ll help you spread the word about Girish while you’re on the go! Girish's Street Team members will also receive sneak previews of the latest Girish music, videos, chant books, tour t-shirts, and more.

Girish’s Street Team members will work on specific, independent projects that will help us make chanting, kirtan, and Girish hot topics in various communities. Projects might include completing action alerts we send you, leafleting at busy downtown spots over the weekend, developing connections with local businesses, and posting links to Girish’s music and videos on the Internet.

Joining Girish’s Street Team is a great way to get active for chanting, kirtan, and Girish's music—even if you have a busy schedule. All Girish Street Team activities are designed for individuals, so you can complete the activities on your own schedule.

Make Chanting and Kirtan a Hot Topic in Your Community by Joining Girish's Street Team!


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