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The Universe - Chanting Yoga of the Heart Virtual Course

The Universe

May 10-June 21 

Chanting: Yoga of the Heart

A virtual course with Janet Stone, Girish, Nat Kendall, and Sita Devi

Early enrollment is now open for Chanting: Yoga of the Heart virtual course!
Beginning a new practice can seem daunting, especially if we don’t know where to start. If you’re interested in chanting—a practice rooted in tradition but open to personal adaptation, this course offers a wonderful launching point. If you're already comfortable chanting, you'll delight in the opportunity to learn new chants, explore rhythm and melody, and dive into the practice of devotion. Save $108 when you enroll by May 3. Plus email Virginia@girishmusic.comto receive a code for an additional $108 savings. You will receive a $216 discount if you enroll by May 3!