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Lenox, MA - Spiritfest: Chant, Dance, Drum

Lenox, MA

July 2-5

Spiritfest: Chant, Dance, Drum

With Dan Leven, Aimee Gelinas,and Girish

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

The essence of our spirit is found in the beat of our hearts, the beat of a drum, and the beat of our feet against the earth—in the melodic songs of our hearts and souls. Indigenous dance, drumming, and song are bridges to this essence. SpiritFest is a perfect blend of joy-filled experiences where you can find your bliss as you dance, chant, and drum with others.

In this program, you will explore:

*The power and sensuality of your body and soul through dance

*The bliss of your heart through song

*Joy and inner rhythm through drumming

Dan Leven, Girish, and Aimee Gelinas are masters of their respective healing arts forms. Join them to discover your essence through these transformative arts in an entrancing, entertaining, and profoundly enjoyable festival of spirit.

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